Sexy Mama Maternity connects you to the latest in maternity and motherhood culture, fashion, and trends. We understand all the changes that take place in the Modern woman’s life. Transitioning and adapting with grace is what you do best and Sexy Mama Maternity is here for you. Motherhood is a beautiful time and we provide a brand and community that you can depend on. We carefully select our boutique clothing line to fit your changing mind, body, and lifestyle. Our maternity clothing is on trend, classy, sophisticated and designed to flatter your body through 9 months of pregnancy and beyond. Retiring your maternity clothing after baby arrives is a thing of the past. You’ve invested in us and in return we invest in clothing that will grow with your family. We provide free personal styling, live chat, and an Instagram and Facebook community to lean on when making decisions on maternity apparel for everyday and special occasions. Sexy Mama Maternity is your one-stop motherhood shopping experience from maternity tops and maternity jeans to jewelry and accessories, even baby shower and gift ideas. We are a shop, but first and foremost we are a community of caring mothers who celebrate motherhood each and every day