Sexy Mama Sizing Guide:

Below is a rough Sexy Mama sizing guide.  Please understand that different styles flatter different body types.  Stylists at Sexy Mama are available for sizing and styling via chat and email to assist in successfully styling your mama curves. All stylists at Sexy Mama are moms who have experienced the body changes associated with pregnancy. Us women know, styles are not one-style-fits-all, neither is how your body has changed or how you want your clothing to fit.

As you’ll see, we’ve done away with traditional sizing. At Sexy Mama, you’re no longer an extra-small or an extra-large, you’re simply a Sexy Mama! Our clothing is designed to wear throughout pregnancy and beyond. If you’ve shopped with us during your pregnancy you will find the sizing guide to be familiar.

*The 3 B’s (Bust, Butt, & Body Type) play a huge role in sizing up or down when mamas are bordering a size.  Sexy Mama Stylists can help find the perfect sizing for you!  In general and when in doubt, size up.  If you are curvy, busty size up.  If you need alterations based on height contact us and we can likely accommodate.

Have a question on your size? We love new questions and are always here to help. Contact us via chat, email, or phone with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Figured out your size?  Then, check out the latest styles here!