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Pregnancy Cravings

If you’re a mama to be, you understand the wrath of pregnancy cravings. From ice cream, to pickles, to chewing on ice constantly, just know you’re not alone and this is totally normal! No need to feel like you can’t indulge (you deserve to!), you are carrying a baby after all. Some even say that cravings are the body’s way of asking for what it needs. Whether thats true or not, the world may never know, but it sure does make us feel better!

pregnancy cravings

For mama’s to be, some cravings are more common than others. Sweets are one of the most common ones. It’s something about a nice cold bowl of ice cream that can be so irresistible. It can also be the perfect way to cool down when you feel like you’re overheating (we know how often this happens during pregnancy)! I mean, it’s just an added bonus that your bump makes for the most convenient table.

pregnancy cravings

Donuts are another common sweet craving for mamas. And what better way to commemorate your pregnancy craving than with some adorable baby shoes to match!

pregnancy cravings

pregnancy cravings

Are your pregnancy cravings not quite so normal? We scoured the Internet for some of the weirdest one’s we could find. Trust us you’ll feel much better about your cravings after reading these.

“Sauerkraut on everything”

“Pulled pork on vanilla ice cream”

“Canned cheese on powdered doughnuts”

“Pizza dipped in icing”

“Oreos and mustard”

“Blizzard with salt and vinegar chips”

“Hot cheetos floating in chicken noodle soup”

Feel better yet? Don’t feel guilty about giving into your cravings. Trust us, all mama’s go through it! When the little growing person inside your belly tells you that you’ve got to have something, sometimes you just don’t have a choice but to comply. At Sexy Mama Maternity we definitely know the struggle!

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