“Most importantly, I loved the comfort of the gown yet how elegant it was. It feels like it’s made with very breathable fabric which is a huge plus especially in this hot weather. Overall it was just beautiful ❤️ Thank you!”

“I have so many of my fellow pregnant friends asking where I’m getting all my gowns! Love the material and over all product 💘”

Photo by Biancca Wallace

“Thank you for the perfect dress! 🖤”
- @mollyewood

“Loved my long sleeve baby shower gown in DARK PEACH 🍑 ✨😻 so many compliments that night. Thank you guys a billion times. Keep making us pregos happy 😃 !!”
- @vanillly

“I love my gown. It is so beautiful and comfortable 💕”
- @fashion_bycarol

“Our dresses were so perfect! Not only are the comfortable, but the fabric is thick enough & lined (but not too thick) which is perfect for bumps of all sizes and covers everything that Neds to be covered. So flattering! Y’all seriously have the best styles, colors, and fabrics. We are all obsessed! 🙌🏼”
- @sydneybmcarthur

"Beautiful dress for my baby shower AND photo shoot!"
- @brialcorn

“Thank you!! So in love with this dress!!! 😍😍”
- @stephaniemcroteau

"It was gorgeous and a perfect fit ♥️"
- @claudiiii_m