"Elegant , beautiful and perfect for milk baths."

"I was struggling to find something to wear because everything took 4-6 for sizing and shipment but your website I was able to find perfect maternity outfits for my photo shoot and they arrived at my house within 5 days! Just in time for the shoot! Everything fits me perfectly, the sizing charts are very accurate based off Jean/dress size."
- @jenniferanneeckert

Photo by @adrianaklas

“I absolutely love this dress, it was a perfect decision for my maternity shoot. This dress made me feel beautiful, I did my photoshoot at a green house and got so many compliments on it. It also made me feel like a queen because my fiancé said I looked sexy in it and there’s nothing wrong with feeling sexy while pregnant. I felt so beautiful on it! I give it a 10/10 🖤 I felt so incredibly beautiful in it, like I couldn’t wait to show it off to everyone around me!“

Photo by Full Circle Photography

"Hi! My name is Auset Jolivet. I ordered two gowns from you recently. I had a rough pregnancy and ended up having to deliver early but was able to snap pictures in the beautiful dresses you sent me just in time before my C Section. Being in your dresses made me feel like a beautiful woman again, not someone in bed rest wasting away in the hospital. I never had a baby shower before I had to go into full mommy mode and I never got to celebrate myself too much but I did get to celebrate my strength and my baby’s strength throughout this struggle in your dresses! These images were taken in the hospital but they’re beautiful to me and I wanted to share them with you all so you can know how special you guys helped make us feel as a family."
- @auset.safiya

“I have so many of my fellow pregnant friends asking where I’m getting all my gowns! Love the material and over all product 💘”

Photo by Biancca Wallace

“I purchased my maternity shoot gown from Sexy Mama Maternity. It fit perfect, absolutely stunning in every picture.”
- @ximena.1029