"I honestly looked everywhere looking for the “perfect” dress and after finding @sexymamamaternity it didn’t take long! I found my picture perfect dress I was so surprised when you asked for my exact measurements, it made me feel much better knowing the dress was specially made for me and I didn’t have to worry if it was going to fit right or not, so that was a plus. I was also pleased with the fast shipping and quality when it arrived! I would recommend buying from here when looking for a dress they didn’t disappoint it was the best place I could have honestly chosen especially knowing it was gonna fit perfect before it arrived! Thanks so much again💕"
- @brehannayoung

"I was so pleasantly surprised with the ordering process. My dress arrived very quickly and it fit me perfectly. It was a little small around the bust area, but I think that’s because I had to delay my photoshoot by about 4 weeks due to weather. It made me feel so pretty during pregnancy, which was something I hadn’t experienced in regular maternity clothes. The detachable train was awesome. It gave me two looks in one. The quality was great and the dress photographed beautifully. I will definitely order from them again in the future if needed."
- @denyse825

"Love it so much!!"
- @elliedaybdf