Blue Polka Dot Sexy Mama Posh Pusher




You’re the star of the show, at least until your little one arrives! Instead of the typical used drab hospital gown provided to expectant mothers upon admission to the labor & delivery unit, push in style with your very own Blue Polka Dot Sexy Mama Posh Pusher Gown. This amazingly stylish labor and delivery gown was created by two mom’s who are also labor and delivery nurses, which means they provide all the necessary features of a hospital gown for your big day. From easy IV and epidural access, to the convenience of shoulder snaps for breastfeeding and skin to skin bonding, your Posh Pusher will be all you need for a super cute special delivery whether you labor or deliver via C-section.

Order you Sexy Mama Posh Pusher today, pack it in your hospital bag and DON’T PUSH WITHOUT IT! This labor and delivery gown makes the PERFECT baby shower gift and such a hit with all mom’s who lay eyes on them.


  • Shoulder snaps that COMPLETELY unsnap for quick IV access, breastfeeding, and skin to skin bonding. Quick and easy soft back closures for anesthesia access and unexpected situations that may occur throughout the course of a hospital stay.
  • Available in four tailor-made sizes to debunk the myth of the “one size fits all” hospital gown. Offered in Small, Medium, Large, & Plus sizes.
  • 100 % Cotton***High Fashion Prints***Each gown will come with a white ribbon to tie above the cute baby bump. 
  • Perfect for birth photography and are often seen in Hope Chests for many years to come!
    X-Small: Bust- up to 40.5 inches
    Bump- up to 41.5 inches
    Length: 37 inches
    Pre-Pregnancy sizes 0-4
    Small: Bust- up to 43.5 inches
    Bump- up to 46.5 inches
    Length- 38 inches
    Pre-Pregnancy sizes 2-8
    Medium: Bust- 43.5- 47.5 inches
    Bump- 46.5- 51 inches
    Length- 40 inches
    Pre-Pregnancy sizes 10-12
    Large: Bust- 47.5 – 50 inches
    Bump- 51- 56 inches
    Length- 40 inches
    Pre-Pregnancy sizes 14-16
    Extra Large/2XL: Bust- 50-53
    Bump- 56-60
    Length- 42 inches
    Pre-Pregnancy sizes 18-20
    *If you are between sizes, make sure to bump up to ensure comfort. Nobody wants a tight delivery gown!