Chloe Marx: Founder & Boss Lady

Chloe is a busy mama of 2 boys born back-to-back in 2014 and 2015. She likes to think of herself as the “normal” mom type, generally in PJs or yoga pants with drool down the front and mac down the back. She has semi-impressive (kind of boring) credentials like a BA from the University of Washington in International Studies and a Master’s in Education from Western Washington University. More interestingly, Chloe can be found shaking it on the dance floor on her occasional night off from 2AM bottle duty. She knows that she is becoming “that lady” and just doesn’t care. She loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, french fries, and being a part of your 9 (really 10) months of magic. She will measure her success in life by whether or not she is invited to meet Ellen Degeneres and of course by her ability to raise well-adjusted, happy, and successful gentlemen.

chaos-coordinatorAlexis Huddleston (Lexi): Chaos Coordinator

Every team needs a Chaos Coordinator and it just so happens that Sexy Mama Maternity, a family run business with a 1 and 2 year old at the heart of it, has the best one on the planet. Alexis is studying to be an elementary teacher while working full-time. She is an American who is wild about hockey and either eats super healthy or eats stuffed hotdogs with a huge portion of brownies on the side. Lexi loves anything related to being on the lake – floating, paddle boarding, boating, and soaking in the sun sans sunscreen. (She knows that’s bad.) She is super excited to play a key role behind the scenes at Sexy Mama Maternity, which usually begins with coffee for all.

Agnes Dudas: Gown Shop Goddess

Our dress shop is run by a woman who likes to describe herself as a “simple person,” but in reality Agnes is extraordinary. She is the single mother of two children who immigrated together from the countryside of Hungary. Like so many moms, she busts her butt 7 days a week, but lucky for us she does it to ensure our gown shop runs without a hitch. She is a gifted seamstress who guzzles coconut water like it isn’t $5 per 12oz bottle. She’s a true artist always pinning something new to her “dream board” and a lover of a perfectly ripe avocado. Thanks to Agnes, Sexy Mama Maternity creates the best gowns in the industry, which means a dress that is perfectly you every time you order.

Amanda Kelso: SMM Baby Designer

Every mom group needs an Amanda. She’s the super pinner, crafting goddess who does crazy stuff like taking apart her daughter’s car seat cover and putting it back together with custom hot air balloon fabric. Speaking of that, she’s a little obsessed with hot air balloons and robots, but she tries to keep it on the DL when we are picking SMM Baby fabrics. Amanda is a girl mom X3, who NEEDS her iced latte before the day officially begins. After Amanda makes her first million, she plans to make a quick stop in Hobbiton, New Zealand. She promises to return quickly to SMM Baby because without her baby world just wouldn’t be the same.

Ashlee Tomblin: Imagery Editing & Videographer

Meet Ashlee. She’s a glass half-full kind of girl. Since she is a constant adventure seeker, lover of weird things, and completely full of passion it’s hard to know what she will be up to next. But whatever it is, it will be awesome. Simply put, she’s a North Idaho girl with a bit of flare. After some fast-paced shotgun shooting you’ll likely find her enjoying sashimi with a side of strawberry shortcake. When Ashlee isn’t creating Sexy Mama Maternity magic she can be found studying to become a Special Education Teacher, hanging with her 3 siblings, or doing something slightly ridiculous. Her goal in life is to inspire others and we think she does a pretty good job just by being herself!