Sexy Mama Maternity is owned and operated in the USA and is 100% mom-run! This means you receive the absolute best service and products from mamas who know their stuff. We don’t sell anything that isn’t quadruple mother approved. Bumps, babies and pregnant ladies always come first.  We look forward to being your favorite shop for maternity clothes, gowns, and mama styles beyond pregnancy.

Wondering how Sexy Mama Maternity came to be?  If you ask our owner Chloe, she might make a joke and say something like, “It’s all a blur!”  I guess that’s what happens when you create a brand out of thin air with an infant and one year old.  Sexy Mama Maternity launched in the late months of 2016 fueled by mom hormones, multiple coffee runs per day and sheer determination to get shi* done. Chloe’s goal has always been to create a place where moms feel empowered to be themselves.  We know that being pregnant isn’t always easy or glamorous.  Our history is both ordinary and extraordinary because moms accomplish the unimaginable each and every day. Sexy Mama Maternity is just one more example of how mamas are kicking butt every day.  Become a part of our history by joining us on Instagram or over on our Blog.


Chloe Marx: Founder & Boss Lady

Meet Chloe, owner of Sexy Mama Maternity. Double boy mama of two crazy characters born back-to-back in 2014 and 2015. She likes to think of herself as the “typical” mom type, generally in PJs or yoga pants, often found eating left over mac and cheese, while simultaneously giving a piggy back ride and singing the hit of the day for the thousandth time. She has semi-impressive (kind of boring) credentials like a BA from the University of Washington in International Studies and a Master’s in Education from Western Washington University. More interestingly, Chloe can be found shaking it on the dance floor on her occasional night off from mommy duty or singing karaoke duets with willing strangers. She loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, french fries and being a part of your 9 (really 10) months of magic. She will measure success in life by whether or not she is invited to meet Ellen Degeneres and of course by her ability to raise well-adjusted, happy and successful gentlemen.

Ladies in Charge – Operations & Support:
Lexi: CBO (Chief Bump Officer)

Meet Lexi, our CBO AKA the lady who keeps the SMM world spinning on its axis. And believe us when we tell you, this is no small feat! Lexi is an all-American girl who is wild about hockey and either eats super healthy or eats stuffed hotdogs with a huge portion of brownies on the side. Lexi loves anything related to being on the lake – floating, paddle boarding, boating and soaking in the sun sans sunscreen. (She knows that’s bad.) Fun fact about Lexi: She is a compulsive Pinner and we sure do appreciate it!  Lexi has been with this family-run business since its launch date and continues to amaze.

Rainey: Head of Customer Experience

Meet Rainey, the woman in charge of keeping pregnant mamas smiling! As a collegiate softball player who had the opportunity to go to the Women’s College World Series, being surrounded by strong women is nothing new to her. She’s a team player all the way! Rainey has kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland and is patiently waiting to scuba dive in Belize with sharks. After a long day hiking the trails or boarding down the mountain you might find her eating a medium rare steak. Don’t worry pregnant mamas, this isn’t allow at the office! Rainey is one of the most upbeat members of our team, but we always keep in mind that she can throw a mean 65 MPH pitch.

Elena: Queen of the Threads

Meet Elena, our seamstress in charge. Head of training, quality control, and a major collaborator in new styles. We’d say she has a pretty important job! She is the perfect blend of sassy and sweet with a true gift for sewing. Mom to a six year old boy and four year old girl with a love for gardening and Cole Haan accessories. Elena is trilingual and loves fried potato products. Combine all the information above for equal parts impressive and relatable.

Gabby: Chaos Coordinator

Meet Gabby, more commonly referred to as “Gabbaroo”. Sexy Mama Maternity is a mom-run business. And where there are moms, there are always wild and crazy children close behind! Roo is a behind the scenes magician! She keeps the calm, organizes the daily storms, and has plenty of kindness to go around. Being raised with five siblings, all close in age, she never shies away from a little chaos. Her favorite food is pasta and in her free time you might run into her backpacking the globe like Where’s Waldo. Gabbaroo is a fearless snowboarding bum without a middle name and we sure do love her!

Autumn: Warehouse Queen

Meet Autumn, a woman with many responsibilities. Inventory, patterns, cutting tables, and packing stations are all part of Queen Autumn’s throne. Thanks to Autumn, whose favorite season is Winter, the warehouse is generally blasting 80’s dance music or 2000’s top pop. Musical enthusiasm is a requirement on the warehouse floor! Autumn loves dogs and dreams of visiting the down under of Australia. Raised in small town Idaho, Autumn is a cheerleading enthusiast with no fear of freezing her bum off. Gooooo Autumn!

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