Light Beach Bumpin’ Shorts




Time to be a stylish summer bum with your Beach Bumpin’ Shorts. These summer maternity shorts have a denim look with the feel of linen maternity shorts. They are perfect for house lounging, beach time or anytime you are flip-flop bound. The Beach Bumpin’ Shorts are a maternity must-have for mamas who are in need of a casual look on a hot, summer day. Timeless, sexy and a warm weather staple. Don’t sacrifice your sexy just because you can’t see your legs!

Manufactured in the USA and shipped out of our mom-run dress shop in Boise, Idaho.

The adjustable full-panel belly band offers comfort from the beginnings of pregnancy into postpartum. For styling and sizing questions please use the chat feature on the lower right corner of your browser or shoot us a quick email. Click here to see the Sexy Mama Maternity Sizing Guide.